Take a peek at this celebrity home design!

We all know and want, somehow the luxury interior decor that only the Kardashians bring to the world. With an already empire built around in the world, and the Kardashian name already branded into the universe, we couldn’t help ourselves and found out how this California home is on the inside!

Come and take a peek at this incredible modern home decor!

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Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 6

With already four estates, this queen of makeup had the world surprised when she revealed that she has a daughter. One of the youngest elements of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner spent her stress-free pregnancy hidden away in her California home.

What can you find this modern home design? Black accents, light wood floors and cast iron. All with a young and modern touch. Beware, this young star of Hollywood, queen of makeup and style setter is present throughout the whole home!

Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 2

While the living room design is mostly white and pure, you can catch a glimpse of how the black accents make themselves give life and feel vibrant in this modern house design. As fashionable as always, the golden accents on the white suit just make everything glow for a while!

Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 1 Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 5

Next, to the living room, we found ourselves immersed in the kitchen. With two kitchen islands and an open floor plan as the layout chosen for the home, the kitchen features classic themes and lots of white. To get that boring feeling of the whiteout, the grey-infused marble on the countertops are used to make the most of the room.

Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 4

While the colour palette stays black and white throughout the whole home, splashes of colour are seen here and there. For example, in this corner, the stairs are given an exuberant feeling by the Andy Warhol’s wall decor.

Step Inside The Kardashian's Luxury Interior Decor! 3

Last stop:  the bathroom. With marble touches all around, this bathroom design is filled with class and style. Black, white and grey seem to be the chosen ones to get that sleek feeling in the room. Bonus: inside the shower, Jenner has a peephole that lets natural light shine through!

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