The 90’s home decor trends that will come back

Trends come go…and return. Whether it’s in fashion or home decoration, now and then we hear that an “ancient” trend will be back: the revival of the decor trends.

It’s common these days, to bring back some of the past glories and the interior design world is no exception. The 80’s style has been present in some of the most famous interior designs and now, has come to the revival of the 90’s home decor trends.  So..what 90’s decor tricks will come back?


To find out, read on. Home Design Ideas will share with you the 90’s home decor trends that Apartment Therapy thinks that will be back to live.


In the 90’s people opted for a more restrained approach to interior design. Things were more simplistic with serene interiors that reflected the opposite of the mad, irreverent 80’s.

"90's decor trends that will come back"Minimalist luxury villa

Wall to wall carpeting

Rugs have had a great importance over the last few years. Every single interior designer has to have great knowledge of drugs and materials. It’s has been that important, but things might change. The 90’s living rooms, and, in fact, the entire houses, had wall to wall carpets. It a comfortable and relatively inexpensive approach that might be back to live!

White kitchens

White kitchens were mandatory. Almost any house anywhere had a white kitchen. Why? Because that was the trend.

""90's decor trends that will come back""Traditional white kitchen

Japanese accents

The 90’s witnessed the boom of the Asian culture and that was reflected, too, in home design. Homes had Japanese accents, like paintings and accessories, and embraced the Japanese minimalist style.

Light wood and knotty pine

Off with the dark wood in your home. In the 90’s was very common to opt for light wood. It gives a fresher, light look and it’s also less expensive than the dark wood.

Hunter green

Hunter green was a color very used during the 90’s and it’s making a comeback. It might not be to everyone’s taste but the hunter green is back.

""90's decor trends that will come back""Kelly Wearstler-designed kitchen for Cameron Diaz

So what 90’s home decor trends that will come back do you prefer? Are they what you want for your home or not? Either way, you can expect to see more rooms decorated in a 90’s style.

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Source: Apartment Therapy