Best Table Lamps for Office Desks

The best modern desk lamps for your office

This post is not only for  workaholics. Who never wished for that perfect lamp for your office? For you that have never found that special desk lamps, don’t give up. Today we are writing you about some of the world’s best desk lamps.

From contemporary to vintage lighting, you are free to choose the best lighting for your office

Take a look at our choices when it comes to the best modern desk lamps. Get inspired!


The best modern desk lamps

This desk lamp developed binic, another modern lamp, available in 6 colors. You can put it in a side table for instance. It would be amazing!

Felix Patone

The best modern desk lamps

Available in 6 colors, the felix-flex desk lamp has universal appeal. We love its friendly nature and pure lines. The felix-flex, by Felix Patone, is available in both a clip version and desktop version.


The best modern  lamps

Marcus table lamp was inspired by Dieter Rams strict design philosophy and timeless aesthetic. Check out A statement of good taste which gets even more beautiful when you lit it on.

Delightfull Catalogue


The best modern lamps

Love the delicate color and the base with support. It is classic and discreet with a modern touch! An original lampshade is always a trend.

IMG Lighting

The best modern  lamps

Modern home lighting is not difficult with this desk lamp. It is modern and help you getting a designer lighting full of personality and creativity.

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