Getting colder, and the rain drizzles more often. And in this context, really everybody wants that their house was warm and cozy. So it’s time to think about how to make your home more cosier and bring a nice autumnal mood. In this article you will find the best ideas on how to make your house more cosier Fall 2014

.# Fall decoration

Fall is a great time for decorators. Fallen leaves, stalks, pine cones, acorns, and of course, the pumpkin will help you quickly and easily decorate your home.

cozy_home_8 Fall 2014


What could be better than in a rainy day, you will wrap in a soft, warm blanket and  will begin to read an interesting book or watching your favourite movie.

Knitted_cozy_home_3 Fall 2014

#Various pillows

Pillows can be not only stylish but also very cozy accents in the interior.

cozy_home_10 Fall 2014


They make the room not only comfortable, but also romantic.

candels_cozy_home_23 Fall 2014 candle_cozy_home_4 Fall 2014 cozy_home_7 Fall 2014

#Palette of Colors

For autumn palette is typical calm, muted shades, but at the same time they can be intense and vivid.

main_cozy_home_24 Fall 2014

#Fuzzy Textures

All Full things sound very cozy! It can be rugs, carpets, blankets, pillows and just a small elements of decor.



Its always nice to spend your evening near the fireplace. Warm and cozy:)

fireplace_cozy_home_11 fireplace_cozy_home_16

#Garden Flowers

Fleshly picked up flowers will bring to your interior a special atmosphere.



Try to add to the interior carpets and small rugs. The combination of colors and textures make the room cozy, but at the same time individual.


#Cozy nook

A small place in your house, where you can be alone and read a good book.

cozy_home_14 Bookworm's Paradise 1

Hope you liked these ideas!

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