Top 10 vintage chandeliers

Today we are writing you about vintage chandeliers. So if you are a vintage lover, you will adore this post. Chandeliers are great for dining rooms (where you can put them right on top of the table), living areas, kitchens or bedrooms. So, as you see, they are perfect for every corner of the house. It’s never too much to remember you that lighting is one of the most important details when it comes to home decor. It’s mandatory for you to know the best points of each room that should be illuminated. The fact is that are so many good vintage chandeliers lights for your home! And they can be used in modern spaces, too.


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This dining areas they both are great. The first one, a totaly modern and cozy space. The second one, a little bit more retro. But they have something in common: the amazing vintage ceiling lamps. AWESOME!

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But there are another corners of your house where you can use lovely vintage lighting. Since bathrooms to living rooms, including your favourite corner of all the times: your bedroom. 🙂

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There are so many options for you to transform your home. Using vintage suspension lamps is one of them. You can use this type of lamps at an eclectic or even modern space, as well. Just have to choose the best decor details, like pillows with colorful paterns, blankets and so so much more… Have fun decorating!

We sincerely hope you love our suggestions! 🙂

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