Top 5 trendy decor items for 2015

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If you want to have a cozy and confortable home you need to be alert. I know that you are modern kind of people and that you love to know about everything that’s going on. So I decided to set up 5 trendy decor items that, in my opinion, you really need to have in your home this year. Since colors, to objects or even plants, all details are important. Please see my suggestions…


Copper Shades:

top 5 trendy items of 2015

There are many options for you to use copper in your home: decor details, chairs, kitchen tools and even lighting. In the image, Etta suspension, by DelightFULL.

Marsala Color of the Year:

top 5 trendy items of 2015 4

Marsala is the Pantone color of the year. I think it really is a chic color. Use it, without any fear.

Cactus Plant:

top 5 trendy items of 2015 2

It may pricks, it may itch, but it is a trend. And it will turn your home into a fresh and clean place. Choose cactus plant because I decided that this is the plant of the year. 🙂

Animal Skulls:

top 5 trendy items of 2015 5

I understand that it isn’t a trend for every tastes, but animal skulls are on vogue right now. And they don’t have to be real, of course. It’s creepy. Get animal skulls made of plastic or wood: you’ll see that’s a great trend. Perfect for a scandinavian living room.

Flower Power:

top 5 trendy items of 2015 3

Flowered patterns are so colorfull and happy that you definitely have to get flowered stuff. And there’s no more talking about it: just get it! 🙂

Did you like my post about trendy decor items for 2015? I hope so… Give me your own suggestions, please.

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