Top 5 wall sconces for your entrance

The entrance of every house is the first impression of the guests about you and your cozy house. It should have an unique and interesting look as it gives a hint what is further inside the house. And as the first impression is the most important, check these wall sconces.

Pottery barn is one of the best options when you think about lighting to your luxurious house.

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Paxton Glass Light Pendant

KOKET is a reliable brand that always possesses valuable things.

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Passion – inspired by Nature, this luminous wall sconce symbolizes the link between first love and a flower when it first blooms. Both begin as something shy and reserved—like a secret treasure meant to be protected. Yet both hold an internal glow that shines with the promise of grace and radiance presents some beautiful sconces for entrance.

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Meurice 5-Arm Wall Sconce features the best from these design eras, updated here for the funky fabulous home.



Charles spreads enchantment and charm everywhere it goes. A fine decorative piece with a great visual effect. Available with one or two diffusers. This piece is completely made in brass.

A home’s interior needs to be as balanced and harmonious as the space itself, a reflection of the client’s needs and desires. Locati’s experienced team of creative interior designers work closely with the architectural designers and one-on-one with clients and contractors to develop an aesthetic that appeals to all of the senses. Locati designers have spent years developing strong relationships with the area’s best interior product vendors and custom craftsmen to bring the best of the West and unique finds from around the country into Locati homes and commercial settings.

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All in all, there is a lot of different examples of wall sconces, but those listed above are of great popularity nowadays.