What’s Hot On Pinterest: Janis Joplin Edition

Today we feel that we have to pay a tribute to one of the people that inspired us the most!

Yesterday, on the 4th of October, we celebrated 48 years after Janis death. So today we went online to check What’s Hot On Pinterest: Janis Joplin Edition, this time related to the amazing artist. Curious? Just keep reading!


What's Hot On Pinterest Janis Jopplin Edition Janis Joplin Edition

Janis Lyn Joplin was born on January 19, 1943, and unfortunately died on October 4, 1970. This amazing artist was nicknamed “Pearl”, and she was an American rock, soul and blues singer and songwriter, and one of the most successful and widely-known female rock stars of her era.


What's Hot On Pinterest Janis Jopplin Edition 2 Janis Joplin Edition What's Hot On Pinterest Janis Jopplin Edition 3 Janis Joplin Edition

After releasing three albums, she died of a heroin overdose at the age of 27. A fourth album, Pearl, was released in January 1971, just over three months after her death and it reached number one on the Billboard charts.

What's Hot On Pinterest Janis Jopplin Edition 4 Janis Joplin Edition

From June 28 to July 4, 1970, the year of her death, Joplin and Full Tilt Boogie joined the all-star Festival Express train tour through Canada, performing alongside many other artists. They played concerts in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary. Joplin jammed with the other performers on the train, and her performances on this tour are considered to be among her greatest.

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Joplin had a profound influence on many singers. For example, Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine spoke of Joplin’s impact, in an interview that appeared in a commercial against piracy. And like her, many other artists.

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She was a major inspiration for everyone. Despite the lifestyle she was living and the way she died, we believe that she still is one of the biggest musicians of all-time! So let’s celebrate her life, by bringing her into our house design. How? With these lighting designs.

What's Hot On Pinterest Janis Jopplin Edition 7

Inspired by Janis Joplin’s music “Best of The Best Gold”, Janis floor lamp recovers the golden jazz spirit of the 60’s. Covered by a golden bath, this entrance floor lamp was designed to make a powerful statement with its mid-century modern design. This tall standing lamp fits beautifully in a modern entryway or in a classic living room corner since it is an excellent match for both contemporary and classic decors.

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Sophisticated as a Mercedes-Benz, Janis is a mid-century modern table lamp inspired by one of the greatest female rock stars of the 20th century. Almost 28 inches-high, this sleek tall table lamp is a contemporary reinterpretation of the best mid-century lighting design classics. An unforgettable brass lighting design that sits well in a classic living room, or a modern entryway. This gold desk lamp could also make a statement in your new home office.


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