10 Modern living rooms: tips on how to be happy with winter blues

Hello, lovers!

For interior designers, architects or simply decor lovers, here we are again to give the best tips. At least, we try.

Winter is a difficult season, and we tend to be a little bit downer and sad. For that reason we use to wear black clothes, to use dark acessories and guess what? We tend to keep our home decor so dark that it turns out to leave our spirit even lower.

This situation must stop, and it must stop right now!

Today we bring you some tips on how to decorate your modern living room with blue shades. But in a happy way!

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If you have blue painted walls you should use another colors for the decoration. We recommend strong and happy colors like purple, pink, orange, yellow and metallic shades, like gold an copper. Golden and blue really is a great and modern color combo. Use it!

10 Modern living rooms 10

10 Modern living rooms 7

Of course you can mix gray with blue as well. It’s a contemporary combination, perfect for modern-rustic living rooms.

10 Modern living rooms 510 Modern living rooms 6

Choose blue and white for traditional modern living rooms, and you can add some natural shades, as beige and brown.

10 Modern living rooms 8

Don’t forget to abuse of patterned details, like pillows and paintings and to use a modern ceiling lamp. That’s the way to send the blues away and get a modern and happy living room.


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