2015 hottest colors to use in your interior design

The new year is finally here and we want you to know everything about the hottest trends. Because as we well know interior design is all about trends and colors and there is so much you need to know about creating the best mixes with colors and decor pieces.

Interior designers have been taking care with every detail in their projects because all must be taking in consideration when putting up an interiors project. Especially in this time of the year when you need to have everything in the most absolut perfection to welcoming the new year and the good vibes to have the best possible year you can.

And because we want you to have the best design project in you home we give you here the design color trends for this new year. From olive greens and bright patterns, to the basic trendy neutrals, these chic combinations are definetely the next big thing this year of 2015. Just take a look at our tips and get your color!

Greek Blue2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design

Pastels Palette2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design

Neutral Gray2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design

Olive Green2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design


Bold Color Mixing2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design

Warm Tones2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design

Glossy Blue2015-hottest-colors-to-use-in-your-interior-design


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