5 DIY ideas for your home lighting


Someone once might have said that a good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. We agree and we know that every room in a home has its special requirements for lighting, whether is for ambience, close-up lighing or just for decor. And lighting brands have been taking special care with lighting design and turn some lamps into perfect pieces of art just for you to show and appreciate and keep a modern vibe in your home.

But today we have something special for you, because we know that sometimes the most special decor pieces we can have at home are the ones we make with our own hands. And DIY projects seem to be in vogue and they can be wisely creative.

We have selected here some DIY home lighting ideas that you can easily create and use in your home style, whether you want a unique desk lamp or a creative chandelier. Take a look at the images and get your hands to work!

5-diy-ideas-for-your-home-lightingPaper Orb Lamp found here

5-diy-ideas-for-your-home-lightingOld Bike Parts Chandelier found here


5-diy-ideas-for-your-home-lightingPop Top Lampshade found here

5-diy-ideas-for-your-home-lightingWine Bottle Lights found here

5-diy-ideas-for-your-home-lightingLego Lamp found here


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