"Best home designs of the year"

Best home designs of the year by Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine“, one of the most important magazines in interior home designs, has selected, for the 8th year in a row  the best projects and products in interior design.

I just saw the list and the winners and “Home Design Ideas” will share with you some designs that won in various categories.

We start with the “Product” category. The list of subcategories and products submitted is big, so “Home Design Ideas” will show you some accessories that made an impression.

Fire Orb Fireorb Coolwarmth Company – Winner | “Accessories”

"Best home designs of the year!"“The Fireorb is a suspended hearth with a 360-degree rotation field, fabricated by spinning steel according to a cad-governed form. This mobile fireplace is a custom design by CCS Architecture in collaboration with Fireorb, created specifically for the Press Lounge at the Ink48 Hotel in New York City. CCS collaborated closely with the fabricator, using the basic original design to come up with this new mobile concept. Using the original flying saucer shape and the rotating multiple openings, CCS also designed a surrounding ledge where drinks could sit. That surface then skirts down and hides casters underneath, allowing it to be wheeled around. Since the fireorb is ventless, it does not require a flue. Fabricated in brushed stainless steel, it creates a futuristic look that matches well with the dramatic rooftop setting home designs.”

Net Effect Interface – Winner | Green innovation

home designs“Inspired by the life-giving power of the ocean, the Net Effect collection of 3 square carpet tiles and 3 planks in a shared, coastal colorline of marine-inspired blues & sand-and-stone neutrals, washes over commercial floors with a design evoking swirling currents. Inspired by and complementing Interface’s Net-Works program – an expression of its commitment to clean coastlines & sustainable manufacturing process – it’s crafted from 100% recycled content fiber including fishing nets, & shortly, materials harvested from the Net-Works fishing net reclamation program in the Philippines.”

Plus Vibia – Winner | Lighting Architectural

home designs“PLUS acts like a real skylight, simulating the sun’s rays filtering through the ceiling. Thanks to its convex methacrylate diffuser, this piece offers a new option to create the sensation of light coming from beyond the ceiling. It is also dimmable, which means that its brightness can be adjusted to suit the moment and the atmosphere the user wishes to create.”


Now we go for the most important category, in my opinion: Projects. In here you can find some beautiful interior designs that won in the categories that they compete.

Peddler’s Creamery ORA – Los Angeles, CA – Winner ! Budget

home designs“Peddler’s Creamery produces high quality artisan bicycle-churned organic dairy and non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts for Los Angeles.  Peddler’s was started to be a different business that features local products, highlights where our food is grown, and promotes local causes. We strive for our customers to leave happy, satisfied, and  with a smile on their face and a smaller footprint on the earth. We believe that as a Benefit Corporation we can seek the true triple bottom line that profits the planet and people equally. 5% of profits will go to social and environmental causes.”

Mothersill Bates + Masi Architects, Water Mill, New York, US – Winner ! Residence: Suburban House

home designs“Elevated, wooden boardwalks extending into the beachscape are a common occurrence in the dunes of Eastern Long Island. Hovering over the ground, this simple pathway to the beach carefully negotiates a constantly changing terrain. Their modest construction challenges the extreme natural elements found at the intersection of land and sea. In beachfront construction, the boardwalk provides a unifying accessibility that connects disparate elements of building and landscape; it is an extension of building that is knit within the landscape. This design for a vacation home in Water Mill, NY, utilizes a boardwalk as an architectural device for weaving together multiple portions of a historic site with new building and landscape elements.”

Mulberry House SHoP Architects, New York City, US – Winner | Multi-Unit Dwelling: Luxury

home designs“Mulberry House is a residential condominium building 13 stories high, with commercial space located at the ground floor and cellar, and 9 residential units above averaging 2,000 sf each.  It is located in New York City’s NoLIta district, across the street from the historic Puck Building. Its proximity to this building, notable for its decorative brickwork, as well as contextual zoning regulations dictating a “predominantly masonry” facade, led to the contemporary reinterpretation of this ancient art form as a design objective home designs .  The rippled brick facade treatment acknowledges the fact that the brick is panelized, not load bearing, and at the same time pays tribute to the highly articulated historic brick facades in the neighborhood.”
As you can see these are some of the best home designs of 2013 by Interior Design Magazine. Home Design Ideas will continue to show some of the great home designs of 2013 and predictions for 2014. Enjoy! Happy holidays!


Source: Interior Design Magazines

Images: ArtspiritDesign Applause, Santos Estúdio ávilaPeddler’s Creamery, AL Houses, Shop