black & white decor: top wall lighting choices

After some ballets on the hell of  wall lighting we should sit and think about what is a top decor for us. Some years ago, we made fun with those who wore dressed basic and scratched t-shirts but now we wear a lot of basic t-shirts full of design. Nowadays, we wear a white or black t-shirt and some jeans and we are amazing!

We need to do the same with our home! Probably the ones that use the same strategy on the decor of an house are the few people that knows a lot of trends!

We are tired of excesses. You can call it maturity or feng shui, Vogue calls “anti-style” and has used it a lot! Today, we will show you some black and white wall lighting choices for your “normcore”!

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Delightfull joined to the style and has made a lot of pieces that are amazing with this colors!
Forget cool things and be authentic opting by normality, a kind of “normcore”.