DIY outdoor lighting for parties

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We are excited to bring you a lot of articles focused on throwing open the doors, grabbing a few friends and entertaining them outdoors.

We have found so many fantastic lighting ideas lately, and all of them are easy-to-do and can enhance your outdoor party.

*Please note* when using flames outdoors, such as candles and fire bowls, please exercise extreme caution. Take care to not make a kind of “party suicide”!

No matter what time of year it is, we all love to get out in our back yards. And, you know, outdoor lighting can really set the mood and give us an extra few hours to enjoy our time.

See some of the best DIY outdoor lighting ideas:

5d77ca1c4170e90aae52c7614a404a5d It’s shocking how elegant this little DIY project turns out, especially in the dark. Crack open your glow stick and pour the contents into a water balloon. Fill the rest with water, tie and then drop into a white, black or nude stocking.

71mBmS6GvJL._SL1500_ garden-lighting-1 We love this idea for adding a really unique lighting scheme to your outdoor party decor.

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