Don`t need to be Amy Winehouse to like vintage lamps

Like Amy Winehouse said in Stronger than me song: “Don’t you know you supposed to be the man?”

Yes, you should be the man that surprises all that girls with your vintage decorating taste!

You don`t want to have a house full of buterflies stickers on the walls or an simple house like the most of the people have! Do you? Yes, like i thought, you have a sophisticated taste, you like different things, you love a home that breaths your personality! We are like you 😉

To that kind of people i will show some vintage lamps that will make your life different starting now! Just look at these fresh novelties!

Amy Winehouse

Hemmesphere-lighting-collection-by-Massow-designs copy Amy Winehouse

Cool Retro Lamps3 Amy Winehouse

Vintage lighting decor Amy Winehouse

Our suggestions are white, beige and soft colors to give even more light to your home and create the perfect place to live. Make your home a place even more a pleasant to live, what do you think about it? And for those who have a holiday home, why do not they rethink about to make it even more attractive? Give to it a vintage touch, it will be more trendy and sophisticated!