Flower Power: Give A Spring Touch To Your House

I have already written and showed you, in this blog, some ideas and projects to make your home ready for Spring and to embrace nature in this colorful season! You can check these articles “Celebrate nature in your home: the perfect house accessories” and “Make your home ready for Spring: 10 great spring decorating ideas” to get those ideas you’ve been looking for!

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Today, I will continue writing about Spring decor trends and ideas.

Flowers are a big part of this magical season! They’re the main reason why I love it. It’s incredible when you drive by a big field covered in colorful flowers!

If you love flowers as much as I do and would like to give a floral theme to your home, you can’t miss this article! I will share with you great interior designs styled with flower patterns – you can find these images along with the full article at Elle Decor.

Floral walls and chairs

floral-decor-1 spring


Floral mural

interior-design-romantic-rooms-10-lgn spring


Floral bedding


Floral upholstery and art



















A floral chaise and pillows



As you can see, there’s a lot you can do with flowers and floral patterns. If you like flowers and want to five a fresh and cozy feeling into your home, you can get some ideas by looking at these amazing interior decorations inspired by nature!

Celebrate nature in your own house and get these perfect home accessories!

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