How to decorate a small kitchen

Not everyone has a kitchen with so much space where we can do a lot more besides cooking.If you are one of the people who has to deal with a small kitchen… Read on. Home Design Ideas found some tips to improve your small kitchen. Besides that you will find here some kitchens chosen by House Beautiful has the “Best Kitchens of the year”

How can you make your kitchen feel a little bit more spacious? Well… These are some tips.

Color helps

If you have a kitchen with a splash of colors you better think again. Try to have a more uniform color palette. That way the space will look more dynamic and spacious. Try to match the seating with the wall color.

This doesn’t mean that you must have everything in the same color in your kitchen. Display colorful towels and hook them in plain view. It will create an interesting spot in your kitchen.

small kitchen interior design

Create space

If you remove your cabinet  doors you’ll end up with a fresh looking space but just showing the dishes isn’t good enough. Buy some colorful baskets and glass storage containers. It’s different and everything will be displayed nicely.

Another great idea is to maximize the vertical space. In small rooms there isn’t much storage options so you have to deal with what you’ve got. You can use a metal shelving and a magnetic board where you can clip recipes, some pictures, and so on small kitchen.

cabinets - small kitchen design


Light can do magic and give to any room a different aspect. If your kitchen has a big window let the sunshine in. I promise that will make a very very big difference. The space will appear larger and better looking.

If you have a kitchen with a small window get creative with artificial light. Under the cabinet or the counter lighting can make subtle differences. When used properly lights can have a big impact on your kitchen.

kitchen lighting ideas small kitchen
House Beautiful’ s best kitchen of the year

Now that you’ve got some tips, you can take a little bit of inspiration with the House Beautiful’s selection of the best kitchens of this year.

Here you can find some designs but Home Design Ideas will give you the link to check all of the pictures.

Best kitchens 2013: white kitchen in Ne York small kitchen

White kitchen designed by Louise Brooks. It’s a sophisticated design in New York.

House Beautiful kitchens of the year  small kitchen

Christopher Peacock’s dark and inviting kitchen in the Kips Bay Showhouse.

House Beautiful 2013 best kitchens

 Dan Doyle’s St. Helena, California kitchen.

If you want to see the House Beautiful’s top 10 2013 best kitchens click here.

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