Pieces that flew all the way from design capitals are dying to make a statement in your home!

It may be hard to believe in, but it’s true! Lighting designs that traveled from Paris to Milan, then to London or New York, are now available for purchase. DelightFULL gave you the opportunity to tell a story inside your own home decor. Get to know some of these historical pieces here, in this article!


Amy Floor Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours Lighting Designs

Amy vintage floor lamp was inspired by the great jazz singer and songwriter: Amy Winehouse. Amy has a vintage retro style that embodies the soul of the British artist and the 50’s interior design style. With a glossy black lamp shade that bears a resemblance to Amy’s legendary hair and a small gold powder paint detail that recall us of her golden earring, the brass floor light suits the most demanding mid-century modern setting. The flexible lamp shade is what makes this modern lamp, the perfect reading light for your vintage bedroom or retro home office since it will point in any direction you need.

Armstrong Floor Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours 2 Lighting Designs

Inspired by the first person to walk on the Moon, Armstrong arc floor lamp has a minimalistic style with clear usability, perfect for every single modern Scandinavian living room or office. This Nordic light combines a mid-century design with a structure handmade in brass and a base in white Carrara marble. The oval aluminum lamp shade is softened with a matte white finish. With a counterweight made of steel, this mid-century lamp directs light anywhere a task light is needed, providing an exquisite touch to your interior design.

Billy Table Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours 3 Lighting Designs

Billy is a mid-century modern table lamp with all the sophistication of iconic lighting design. This task lamp is one of DelightFULL’s most versatile pieces. With an extendable arm, it can reach almost 24’’, making it the perfect reading lamp, very easy to adjust. The black table lamp also features a gold-plated finish and a black textile wire, which can all be customized to fit your decor needs. The perfect study table lamp, this is definitely the lighting fixture you will want in your modern home office.

Donna Table Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours 4 Lighting Designs

A majestic tall table lamp, Donna has come to redefine everything we have ever seen in the lighting design world. Almost 28 inches high, this brass desk lamp is much more than that. Handmade in brass and Estremoz marble, both the body and the shade received a gold-plated finish in order to emphasize its luxurious characteristics. With exquisite design, it suits any classic entryway or dining room. It is also the perfect table lamp for living room environments.

Charles Wall Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours 5 Lighting Designs

Charles is a modern vanity light designed by DelightFULL and inspired by the mid-century lighting classics. A simple lighting design, Charles is handmade in brass and aluminum by some of the finest artisans in Portugal. It is a mid-century wall sconce that creates a stunning visual effect, having the possibility of being used with one or two diffusers. The perfect wall lamp shade for a Scandinavian style bedroom, or a contemporary bathroom.

Galliano Wall Lamp

Lighting Designs That Traveled The World Can Now Be Yours 6 Lighting Designs

Meet Galliano, a special modern wall lamp with a minimalist style that allows you to fit it in every room of your home, regardless of the style of your interior design. It’s not a coincidence that this wall lamp is one of DelightFULL’s top best sellers. Galliano produces a unique lighting effect when you see light being cast through its pipes. Ideal as a decorative bathroom wall lighting or as an entrance lighting, Galliano wall lamp will certainly elevate the decoration of your space.


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