mkdluxuriousprivateresidence home designmkdluxuriousprivateresidence home design

A Luxurious Home Design by MKD in London

We are very keen on original home design projects and that’s one of the reasons that make us love Martin Kemp Design so much. The studio’s creative designs have no limits and their projects aren’t just limited to interiors – MKD is so versatile that designs architectural, yachts, private jets, cars and furniture projects.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence home design

Martin Kemp Design’s main focus is the luxury residential market, though their designs are also on more peripheral fields such as high-end retail, office and restaurant designs. Today we will show you their private residence outstanding project in St James, London.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence mid century modern

Neil’s round and rapturous shapes with delightful points make this piece an exclusive and unconventional suspension lamp, giving a special touch to this stunning bedroom.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence luxury home design

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence lighting design

The company is known as a luxury brand, where its clients expect an extremely high level of sophistication and finish. The mid-Century modern lighting design by DelightFULL create an incredible luxury environment. Matheny featured in this London project.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence london

MKD are revered as one of the leaders of style and originality. Their bespoke home design ideas can range from understated country elegance to dynamic city chic, showcasing the very best in creativity with a wide range of styling blending seamlessly into every design. Such original thinking is further enhanced through intricate attention to detail, married with fine craftsmanship sourced both locally and internationally.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence london mid century modern

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence london home design

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mkdluxuriousprivateresidence home design ideas

Brubeck is a contemporary light fixture that reflects a strong presence in every interior through its sculptural silhouette and beautiful details. MKD strive to maintain an approachable personality as a business, their philosophy always to be respectful, polite, flexible and accommodating, with conviction in their design solutions.

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence london luxury home design

mkdluxuriousprivateresidence luxury lighting design


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