Madeleine Suspension Review: Is It Worth It?

If we said this is a good piece, would you trust us?

Another day in this simulation and we don’t stop! This Tuesday the topic is Madeleine Suspension, a review of this lighting design. When you finish this article, you will want to click this button to buy the lamp. You doubt it? Keep reading!


Madeleine Suspension Review Is It Worth It

The best strategy for heightening the effect of pastels is to pair them with crisp white decor accents! For a wide and modern kitchen, you can definitely play around with lighting. The centerpiece of the room is in this case, Madeleine Suspension Lamp.

Madeleine Suspension Review Is It Worth It 2

This week’s theme is focused on kitchen lighting. For that reason, we wanted to share with you this special piece for your industrial or vintage interior design.

Madeleine Suspension Review Is It Worth It 3

Inspired by a flower bouquet, DelightFULL‘s designers designed Madeleine, an industrial pendant lighting. With four cone swiveling pinhole lights, this brass pendant lamp features a matte white interior and a gold powder paint inside finishing.

Madeleine Suspension Review Is It Worth It 3

This white pendant light is also possible to have with an adjustable drawbar so that you can move it anytime. Madeleine is 15,5 inches tall, but it can be customizable on the purchase, being adjustable up to 39,4 inches. Madeleine can complement many lofts, bars, and restaurants, however, this pendant light can go anywhere, adding a vintage style touch to whatever room you decide to hang it in.

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Light, gentle and elegant this suspension fixture adds a French touch to any cool commercial establishment. The perfect lamp for your kitchen decor, do you agree with us now? Here’s the button again, in case you didn’t click in the beginning!


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