Modern Lighting Ideas_ Nature & Modern Lighting Designs

Modern Lighting Ideas: Nature & Modern Lighting Designs

How the right lighting can make a room.

Spring is in its tracks and we can’t wait for it to happen! As the lighter air is already present in our days, we need something to cheer us up! So if you are a nature lover, all these modern lighting designs are the ones making all the nature connected fall in love!

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While winter is slowly stepping out of our tracks, we need to get our home interior decor on the right tracks. While waiting for Spring, we found that these modern floor lamps are the ones you need to get to find the right decor. So, why not go with Neil floor lamp? The space feeling in your home will surely be present with this mid-century lighting design

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Stanley is our next option. Remember those Spring breezes where you’re riding your bicycle in the countryside? That’s what Stanley floor lamp is all about. The eccentric mid-century lighting design that fits like a glove in your living room!

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Why not have that spectacular star gazing feeling into your home decor? You can have that one of a kind feeling in your home with Stardust floor lamp. The golden powder that glazes over this mid-century lighting design just makes any room have that romantic touch like no other.

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A moment to breathe with Janis. This iconic floor lamp just has the right shape to get any part of the home to feel like it belongs in a movie. Ever imagine yourself in a romantic dinner with the right person at the right time? That’s what Janis is all about, the right lighting at the right time.

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…and as long as there’s Botti there’s inspiration. Behind this lighting design, the iconic music inspiration goes along with the best of any home decor accessories. Try it with a piece of mid-century furniture and you’ll see how well it will fit next to that greenery you have on your home decor project!


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The best for last aren’t we, right? So, for last we choose the iconic Hanna. The lighting design that makes us remember those long summer evenings spent on the porch while sipping our iced tea… That is what Hanna floor lamp is all about.

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