‘Play With Oreo’s’ Amazing Ads Design

Hello lovers,

Do you know ‘Play With Oreo’ new campaign, yet?

As a part of this campaign, Oreo get 10 artists in order to create a series of amazing illustrated ads. Those advertising images revolve around a very special concept: ‘play’! The artists’ work wasn’t easy:  they were asked to bring to life words like “dunk”, “twist”, “dream” and “wonder”. But Oreo cookie has to be the head of each character.

The artists (Jeff Soto, Alex Trochut, Shotopop, Ryan Todd, McBess, Andrew Bannecker, Brosmind, Craig and Karl, Andy Rementer, and Geoff McFetridge) achieved a beautiful, vibrant and funny result.

Play With Oreo's Amazing Ads Design (2)

You will be able to see these ads in New York City, Los Angeles and Indianapolis until the end of March. Now, please check out some of the images and leave us your opinion.

Play With Oreo's Amazing Ads DesignPlay With Oreo's Amazing Ads Design 5Play With Oreo's Amazing Ads Design 4Play With Oreo's Amazing Ads Design 3

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Sources: designtaxi.com | adweek.com


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