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The most productive offices balance the comforts of home with a professional business image. A.K.A a stylish setting full of color, life and inspiration lead to a happy, healthy work environment for your team members to thrive in. It may seem weird, but the office decor in one major factor to increase or decrease productivity. Let us help you get your team motivated!


Your office should embody your company’s values in a way that makes everyone at work feeling great. You don’t want people walking into the office with a bad first impression because the office design needs a facelift.

Take these ideas to adorn your office with elements that keep you and your team productive, inspired and motivated every day!

Let team members personalize their spaces 🎨

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity Office Decor

It’s important to give your employees the freedom to style their own office design concept. Because everyone has their own taste and personal style when it comes to decor, encourage your team to integrate any elements that will keep them motivated throughout the day.

This can be something simple like a colorful planner that keeps them on track or something extravagant like a mural of their favorite artist, or even small things like little fake plants.

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Make the most of your natural lighting 💡

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity 2 Office Decor

TIP: Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a well-designed office. Your space can be equipped with the most unique furniture, the best color combinations and chic desks, but none of that will truly shine unless you have the right lighting designs.

Since natural lighting is always best, keep all window areas unobstructed to fill your workspace with as much natural light as possible. Let the sun invade your work table and worm your heart!

Have healthy snacks on display 🍌

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity 3 Office Decor

Food is one of the biggest things that can impact your mood. That is why setting up a colorful display of snacks is an inviting and enticing way to get your team eating healthy throughout the day so they can stay sharp and focused.

Put a fruit bowl, snack bars, and bottled water out for everyone to grab when they’re in need of some brain fuel. The color of all the fruits will make a nice combination with a more simple interior design.

Outline different spaces with rugs 🕯️

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity 4 Office Decor

This detail can make a difference not just in the office but also in any house design. Rugs are a great way of outlining various spaces without creating physical barriers. If you have a larger space with multiple sections, separate those areas with rugs.

Or, if your office is smaller, you can still add rugs. Put them underneath furniture or add one directly outside of your office doors. Even one or two can really liven your space up.

Make your company’s mission statement visible 📌

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity 5 Office Decor

Think about creating an enlarged picture of your company’s mission statement and plastering it in a common area.

Seeing your company’s mission on display every time you walk to the printer can be an effective way to showcase the values your business embodies, and a great reminder to carry them out.

Hang team photos 📷

How To Style Your Office Decor In Order To Increase Productivity 7 Office Decor

Do you and your team set aside time for philanthropic ventures? Or perhaps designate one day out of the month to do a team-building activity?

Turn those good teamworking times into memories by snapping photos of your efforts and framing them around the office. Glancing at them when you walk in the room will remind you how good it feels to keep the good deeds going.


We hope you enjoyed these office decor ideas to increase your team’s productivity! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and events in the other articles on home design ideas.

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