Top 5 bathroom chandeliers

A bathroom chandeliers? Yes, maybe you never thought about using a modern eye-chatcher lighting piece in you bathroom, but you can and you should. Because when it comes to interior design, bathrooms are often neglected but that is not fair and interior designers tend to bet their projects in bathroom design with some bold and modern designs.

About bathroom lighting, the most used is definetely not a big modern chandelier. But why not? Everybody loves long and relaxed bath during weekends and why not create your own home spa with modern pieces and cozy ambiences? Your home is your castle so turn evry room into the best one you can think off. And to help you about choosing the best bathroom lighting solutions, here you have a selection of the top 5 bathroom chandeliers you can use and match with your home decoration.

Take a look and get inspired for you next relaxing bath for this weekend!

top-bathroom-chandeliersby Gustavian

top-bathroom-chandeliers bathroom chandeliersfrom Better Homes&Gardens


top-bathroom-chandeliers bathroom chandeliersby Ivanov Catalin

top-bathroom-chandeliers bathroom chandeliersby Annie Brahler

top-bathroom-chandeliersby Other Metro

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