Top living room lamps for interior projects

As we already told you so many times, living rooms are special because it is the place where we receive our guests, our family, our friends… In short, the people we love the most. We need to focus on getting the best ambience for it. So, let’s see the top living room lamps for your interior project.

There’s no secret in getting the best living room lamps. Lighting is an important element, you know that already. The way you locate it and its angle can define the mood of the intire room. Since tripod lamps, to sputnik chandeliers, there are so many great options for you to get the best living room lighting. Let’s explore!

Starting with a tiny rustic/modern room, we can see that the rectangular and big ceiling light it is a good option, because give the room a special look. Not too much, just perfect.

living room lamps

Sputnik chandeliers are always a good choice for living rooms as well. Is there anything more modern than this? Well, I think there’s not. And you can use a sputnik suspension lighting in retro, rustic or eclectic spaces. You are in charge, now!

living room lamps


And since we are speaking about rustic spaces, this tiny modern room is just amazing.  We can see that the rectangular and big ceiling light it is a good option, because it gives the room a special look. The table and suspension lighting sizes are proportional what gives the room a clean and elegant vibe, as well.

living room lamps

Now you already now the top lighting for your living room. Just have to choose the best pieces.

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