Top 5 best UK chandeliers

Everybody knows that lighting can make or ruin the ambience of a room. Lighting design and UK chandeliers have a special place in interior design these days. They are the embodiment of comfort, beauty and style also, enhancing beautiful interior design and styling rooms with unique accents, textures, colors and materials.

Ceiling lights and modern chandeliers create functional, comfortable, attractive and enjoyable interior design. Stylish and efficient lighting design make any room feel welcoming, stylish and warm. Modern lighting fixtures, especially ceiling lights, pendant fixtures and chandeliers are great for creating impressive dining rooms and attractive kitchens or adding a romantic atmosphere to bedroom decor.

So I have here a selection of the top 5 chandeliers you can find in UK. From classical to contemporary, a chandeliers is always the lighting masterpiece of the room and you have to choose yours with care and taste. But I will help you. Take a look and make you choice!

top-5-best-uk-chandeliers UK chandeliers

Jonathan Coles 

UK chandeliers

Northern Lights


UK chandeliers

Sarfatti Flos

UK chandeliers

Luceplan Hope by Design Conscious


by Chandeliers Italian

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