Transform your house with a black themed decoration

Two months ago i published an article that showed you some “Spectacular black themed decoration” that really are fabulous interior design projects. Pull off a perfect, beautiful looking black and white decoration isn’t easy, and you need the right shades of paint and the accessories to match.

Today, I will share with you a great article that i found at Boca do Lobo blog! You will see fantastic black interior decorations and the combinations that you can make to have a room with a black tone.

Read on and enjoy!

“Black equals to sophistication. In fashion, it is a basic color anyone should have in their closet – it’s always a trend.  As Coco Chanel puts it ““Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” In interior design, it’s the same. Black is almost mandatory in any luxury interior design color scheme. So Boca do Lobo made a selection of interior design color scheme ideas using black and the color which go best with it.

Gold and black. When combined with gold, black acquires a magnificient sense of hyper-luxury and completly transforms an ordinary room  into a luxurious and exclusive place.

mondrian-by-boca-do-lobo black themed decoration

Silver and black. Silver and black are definitly a luxury combination. Wether in modern or classical environments, they give an extra touch of sophistication to the interiors.

black themed decoration

Navy and black. Pairing black with a vibrant, dark blue will give your space a luxurious feeling. Here, gray accents give this space even more swankiness.

black themed decoration

Pink and black. This glam color combo is a definite favorite among the younger set, which makes these hues a fun choice for your tween or teen’s bedroom.

black themed decoration

Purple and black. These colors work very well in a contemporary setting. Deep purple and black create a look that is elegant and maybe even a little mysterious.

black themed decoration

Turquoise and black. Black pairs well with any color, but there’s just something about a turquoise and black room that looks so balanced. Maybe that’s because warm blues are so tranquil and eye-friendly; they have the ability to soften even the deepest of dark colors and bring a room into harmony.

black themed decoration
Green and black. Using black with a muted shade of apple green creates an organic, soothing space. This is a great, unexpected color scheme for dining and entertaining.

black themed decorationDiamond by Boca do Lobo

Black can give an unique touch to any room and if combined with the right colors and accessories it will look mesmerizing! This is a tone to choose if you want to create a dramatic and beautiful look in your home.

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

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