What’s Hot On Pinterest: Christmas Decor Trends

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What’s Hot On Pinterest‘ is back at it again with another theme! This time, Christmas decor trends are rocking on this amazing social network. It seems quite early to get your hands on the Christmas decor, but people are already searching for ideas, and today we are here to help!


What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends

Let’s start easy: details are all that matter during the Christmas season. If you have a 2-floor house, this is the perfect decor tip for your boring and normal stairs. Balsam Hill featuring some big white laces and string lights all around it is the way to for this section of the house. It’s the perfect time of the year to finally to some decoration with your stairs (we know sometimes you don’t know what to do with them).


What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends 2

Keeping on with the details, centerpieces are a major focus of attention not just during Christmas Eve, but also during the entire year. So our suggestion is to go neutral and simple. This might be a weird junction of random things but visually looks perfect in any home decor. Small white rocks, pine cones and a candle, all inside a glass bowl. Don’t judge us until you try!

What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends 3

Moving on to the kitchen area, it’s important not to forget this house division during this kind of holidays. The kitchen may get a little forgotten, but today we won’t let that happen. Create a coffee area with red and white bowls for sugar and coffee powder and give this cute corner your own touch.

What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends 4

Trending this year is the Scandinavian style, and we can’t help but love it. That’s why this living room is so minimalist and black and white. Hang the traditional Christmas socks on your fireplace and wait for Santa to put your most wanted Christmas gift there.

What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends 5

It’s important not to forget the outdoor as well. Sometimes we spend so much time decorating our interior design, that we forget the outdoors. But not today. Can you guess where is the space you can decor and will still look classy and not overwhelmingly festive? Exactly, your front porch. Put 2 big candle holders but with a twist. Extract the candles and replace them with your Christmas tree ornaments. It will look perfect, that’s for sure!

What's Hot On Pinterest Christmas Decor Trends 6

And the most obvious tip of all… Decorate your Christmas tree with minimalist ornaments. Neutral tons is the trend for fall/winter 2018 so we ask ‘why not?’ It’s fun, different and will give your home interiors a whole new holiday vibe: try it out and let us know how it looked!


We hope you enjoyed this article about What’s Hot On Pinterest regardless of Christmas decor trends! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and event the other articles on home design ideas.