10 best movies to watch in the NYE

Tradition holds that we’re supposed to watch on New Year’s Eve an assortment of celebrities doing their best to entertain us before the fireworks begin. And some movies are already a NYE classic.

But because there are many movies more entertaining than others, we have here a selection of the best 10 movies to watch on new year’s eve. Take a look and have an amazing year of 2015!

1. When Harry Met Sally10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

After years as friends with (occasional) benefits, Harry (Billy Crystal) finally declares his love for Sally.

2. Bridget Jones’s Diary10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

You’re single, a little sad, and are bracing for a booze-soaked New Year’s Eve blowout. It could be worse. It’s all about fresh starts, clean slates, and Colin Firth.

3. Someone Like You10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

It’s romantic comedy 101: New Year’s Eve rolls around and our heroine (Ashely Judd) realizes her feelings for a platonic pal.

4. Sex and the City: The Movie10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie Bradshaw) rushes to Miranda’s apartment for a New Year’s bonding session.

5. Sleepless in Seattle10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are at the top of their game in this romantic comedy.


6. Trading Places10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

All a board on a New York-bound party train for New Year’s in this comedy classic.

7. 200 Cigarettes10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

Set during New Year’s Eve, 1981, this quirky nostalgia piece stars a who’s who of the late ’90s.

8. Sunset Boulevard10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

New Year’s Eve is all about the classics. This silent movie perfectly captures the melancholy misery of forced optimism.

9. Entrapment10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

No plans this evening? Invite Catherine Zeta Jones over and watch her wiggle around on the floor.

10. Poseidon10-best-movies-to-watch-in-the-nye

No matter how bad your night is, at least you’re not stuck on a rapidly sinking cruise ship with Josh Lucas and Fergie.


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