Friday the 13th: Superstitious design – 5 things to avoid in your home

Some of us are superstitious design, some don’t believe in that kind of things As you probably didn’t notice, this Friday its the 13th and that means bad luck for millions of people.

The design world has some superstitions that you should avoid when you are designing/decorating your home. If you’re thinking of remodeling your house this Friday, then pay attention to these bad luck designs!

Cactuses bring bad luck

Cactuses and other thorny plants are thought to bring some bad luck. If you are trying to create a relaxing and positive mood in your house avoid these plants as well sharp objects.

superstitious-design-cactuses Superstitious designCarefully choose the calendar place

I have to admit that I never thought in these “problem” but apparently if you have a calendar in your front door it will shorten your life! This is seriously superstitious! Having a date calendar hanging on the door will remind you of the life’s passing days.

Superstitious-design-Calendar-hanging Superstitious designAvoid shipwreck paintings

Shipwreck paintings look incredible and remind us of the great accomplishments of the past but having a painting of a wrecking ship might bring some bad luck. It’s a symbol of disaster that will have a negative influence in your life.

Superstitious-design-shipwreck Superstitious designMirror facing the bed

Some people absolutely love the idea of having a mirror facing the bed but that might be an awful idea. Your relationships can be negatively influenced. The mirror could ignite marriage problems and welcome outside influences. Serious matter!

superstitious-design-bed-facing-mirror Superstitious designBlack doors are like black cats

You always heard that a black cat brings bad luck and apparently a black door has the same effect. Chinese people believe that a black door facing any direction except north will invite bad things to your house.

superstitious-design-black-door Superstitious designThese are just 5 design superstitions that can create a negative influence in your house. This is clearly a relative matter. You can believe it or not. It’s up to you. Enjoy your decor!
Sources: Elle Decor

Images: Inter Ocean Parabolic, Baltimore Print Studios, WikipaintingsKwik Decor , The Perfect Thing