Top 5 living room lamps in movie scenes

In movies and television stage set decor is a combination of art, science & psychology all rolled into one. Set decorators create interior scenes that both support character development and move the story along. In many ways, it’s not much different than creating interiors private homes. Spaces are wanted to reflect who we are, who we want to be and how we want to interact with the world. And in stage set decor seem to be the most important scene as it is the room where most of the movie in based. So lighting fixtures are an important thingh to consider when creating the living room movie set. And because of that here you have our top 5 living room lamps ideas that featured in different movie scenes, just for your inspiration.

Take a look at the images!

“Someone’s Gotta Give” found heretop-5-living-room-lamps-in-movie-scenes living room lamps

“Sex and the City” found heretop-5-living-room-lamps-in-movie-scenes


“The Bewitched Movie” found heretop-5-living-room-lamps-in-movie-scenes

“A Christmas Story House” found heretop-5-living-room-lamps-in-movie-scenes

“The Holiday” found heretop-5-living-room-lamps-in-movie-scenes

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