TOP European Furniture Brands #1

Nowadays, the European Furniture Industry has a high level of quality in technic, aesthetic, design and fashion. The truth is that it has a strong image worldwide and it seems to last.

That’s the reason why I am writing you about this. Today, I want you to know one of the TOP European Furniture Brands (in our opinion).

Let’s start with Italy. Modenese Gastone is an Italian company producing classic and luxury handmade furniture, since 1818 (when the first workshop was opened). This love for woodworking has passed down over the generations. Every piece of furniture is completely Made in Italy and it is customizable when it comes to colours, fabrics, dimensions and finishing. This handcraft company is now specialized in products for interior decoration, and they also provide total-look solutions for contract projects (including boiserie panels, doors, ceilings, kitchens and walk-in closets).

Modene Gastone top european furniture brands 2 Modene Gastone top european furniture brands 3 Modene Gastone top european furniture brands

If you are looking for something like this to your interior project, here you have all the information you’ll need.

Modenese Gastone Group S.r.l.
Via Caodalbero 579, 35040
Casale di Scodosia (Padova) – Italy
P. Iva: 04587940281
Tel: +39 0429 879146 – Fax: +39 0429 878354

Next week I’ll bring you another great furnishing and decor company, this time from Portugal. Are you curious? Oh, you’ll have to wait.


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