“Elle Decor’s favorite rooms of 2013”

Elle Decor’s favorite rooms of 2013

Elle Decor. At this time of the year everyone is making reviews and predictions. Throughout December every single magazine, TV program and every blog must have at least one article about the year that’s almost done. “Home Design Ideas” already showed you “The best home design of the year by Interior Design Magazine”, the “Architecture trends for 2014” the “Kitchen trends for 2014” and the “Home Decor predictions for 2014”.

Living room by Kelli Wilde and Laurent Champeau

favorite rooms of 2013”“A young French-American design firm brings a fresh vision of luxury to a grand 19th-century apartment in Paris, infusing it with light and air, and just enough gilded glamour”

See the entire house HERE.

Living room designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts

“Elle Decor’s favorite rooms of 2013”“A Manhattan couple turn to Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts to transform their all-American house in the Hamptons into a glamorous new vision of seaside living”

Living Room by Jeffrey Bilhuber

“Elle Decor’s favorite rooms of 2013”“Asked to update a beloved family home in Tuxedo Park, New York, designer Jeffrey Bilhuber fashions the perfect mix of old and new, colorful and quirky”.

Francesca Connolly’s living room

“Elle Decor’s favorite rooms of 2013”“She co-founded Remodelista, one of America’s most popular design websites, but when it came to designing her own Brooklyn townhouse, Francesca Connolly deferred to the experts”

Kelly Behun’s Pool

favorite rooms of 2013”“For designer Kelly Behun, creating a weekend house in Long Island for her family was no small matter. The result is a stunning series of glass-and-stone pavilions by the sea that mixes the austere with the playful”

See Kelly Behun’s house HERE

These are five of  favorite rooms of 2013. You can see why these are the favorites. They are incredible designs made by some of the best interior designers in the world. Beautiful and incredible spaces!

Source and Images: Elle Decor