5 Home Decor Trends On Instagram During Quarantine

5 Home Decor Trends On Instagram During Quarantine

If you’re looking for the best home decor trends, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you stuck on exactly how to decorate your home for the new year? Well, you don’t have to look any further. We’ve gathered the best home decor trends straight from Instagram that you can easily add to your home without too much effort. Some, you can even do yourself! Learn about new trends and find your style for 2021!

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This retro look inspired by the decor of the 70s, can easily be achieved at home. Macramé is a form of textile that you can produce with knotting techniques. If you’re willing to learn how to do it, you can move up to creating blankets or even curtains later on. It’s a great textile to add to your walls for a unique detail that provides some personality.

Bottle Artwork

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This creative way to add personality into your home is also a stylish way to add some accessories and complement your decor with a personal touch that you’ll be proud adding to your decor. When talking about sustainabilty in design, DIY crafts are one of the big focuses, because you’re reutilizing materials in your home to make your own decor.


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Hygge is the Danish concept of coziness, an important one to take in when the world is so chaotic right now. Add comfort and simplicity through candles and warm tones. Books are your best option when decorating your space because they add color and a personal touch, showing off your personality and adding some style, serving as great accessories to a living room.

Chalk Paint

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Chalk paint is the perfect way to bring some color into your furniture pieces for the most incredible retro look. You can easily do it yourself and infuse some life into your home decor with this idea, especially if you add it onto drawers, sideboards or shelves.

Paper Craft

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Papercraft is also a great way to add some DIY projects into your decor and make incredible art pieces or accessories that are sure to lighten up your decor and take it up a notch. You can elaborate cool wall displays that will awe your guests every time they walk through the door. Surprise yourself with new learned skills and see how far you can take your creativity with these home decor trends!

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