Turnable Corner by Vitrosca – the intelligent window system

I was sailing by freshhome.com searching for the best news, as I always do, when I found something that totally feeds up that basic human need to live in spaces flooded by light. 🙂

Turnable corner by vitrosca 3

I am talking about an innovative window system from Vitrosca, “The Inventor of the world’s slimmest sight lines”. ‘And why is this special?’, you ask. Because each panel can slide independently of each other.

Turnable corner by vitrosca 2

Turnable Corner “allows architects to design a massive opening with more options for storing away the actual panels to open up the outside to the interior”, since each panel can be completely hidden along a wall down the side of a building when they are moved out of the way.

Turnable corner by vitrosca



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